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What makes us different from any other face painter? A lot! At Painted Pinup Face & Body Art, we truly embrace the fun and whimsical nature of this business while taking your FUN very seriously!  We love to dress up, interact with kids and families, and truly help you create a memorable experience for your event by bringing energy into everything we do.​ We maintain a high level of integrity and excellence, consistently improving our craft so we can create the absolute best designs using ONLY professional-quality paints, glitters, and products that are safe for the skin and meet the highest industry standards. We are also fully insured for public and private events.



Why Book With Us?

dependable expertise

Skill & Experience


Kelli and Sara are enrolled in Olga Murasev’s International Facepainting School where Kelli also has the privilege of writing as the English language blog writer. This schooling provides valuable information, homework, and even tests! consistently updating our knowledge and skills by participating in online tutorials and classes. Kelli and Cassandra have attended multiple face painting conventions where they trained under some of the biggest names in our industry. Kelli has also taught face painting and marketing classes both privately and for the DFW Face Painter's Guild and other local organizations.

Safety and Hygiene

To maintain high sanitation standards we:

- keep our hands, work surfaces, supplies, customers, and painting surfaces clean through the use of hand        sanitizer, wet wipes, soapy water, clean rinse water, rubbing alcohol, etc

- wear face coverings as needed

- use fresh sponges for each customer

- WILL NOT paint anyone with signs of broken skin or illness (including allergies).

- WILL NOT paint any person showing signs of fear or distress

- participate in training workshops regarding safety & sanitation

Please understand that while face painting is safe and very low risk, there is still a chance of skin having an allergic reaction to any cosmetic product. Face and body art requires connection and skin contact between multiple people, so where it is clean and safe it cannot be STERILE like an operating room! We are artists, not surgeons!

Kelli has worked with children volunteering in ministry, PTA, and formerly as a party planner and professional cake artist. She began face painting for the autism SHARE walk in 2011 and began her professional career in 2016. Together, the crew of Painted Pinup has painted, twisted balloons, stilt walked and glittered at hundreds of parties and events, and has been welcomed into community events such as farmer's markets, comic con, and county fairs.  Their skills and talents are sharpened as they stay booked and are able to increase their "on-the-job skills" week by week. When not at a party they practice their skills and techniques through the use of practice boards and online and in-person classes. We are also members of the DFW Face Painters Guild where we meet and practice monthly.


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