This is what we are known for and we LOVE what we do!   The base rate is $125 per hour, for each artist, with a minimum of one hour. We work diligently to paint as many designs as we can during that time without compromising quality.  A non-refundable deposit of $62.50 is required upon booking (transferable, but non-refundable).   Travel fees may apply outside of metro Fort Worth. Additional time may be purchased during your party in 30-minute increments and is dependent upon artist availability. 
Need an additional artist or a few? Let us know and we will reach out to our network to provide you a stellar team of painters!


Traditional Face Painting

This is our most popular and recognizable service. We have many designs memorized as well as picture boards to inspire our customers.

-  We arrive at your event in Pinup style (or in character) with our own chair, table, and products.

-  Fine glitter is included upon request. Chunky glitter and "bling" can be added as an upgrade

-  We estimate 10-15 designs painted per hour.

-  When you book 2 or more hours, we can dress up as one of our available characters at no extra charge!

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Themed and Character

Having your artist arrive in a theme matching costume is well loved by children and helps set the stage for an amazing party! We routinely add new characters, but here is our current list. When you book 2 hours or more of face painting of any type, you get to choose any character FREE of charge. Due to extreme summer heat, some characters are only available for indoor events during HOT days/months  BOOK NOW 

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  • Spider-Gwen

  • Wonder Woman

  • Gamora

  • LOL Doll

  • Minnie Mouse  

  • Star Wars Ewok

  • Circus Performer

  • Pokemon

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • Queen Frostine (Candyland)

  • Princess Elsa or Anna

  • Princess Jasmine

  • Princess Belle coming soon

  • Cinderella

  • Princess Ariel

  • Toy Story's Jessie

  • Barbie 

  • Poppy the Troll 

  • Princess Peach

  • Rainbow Dash

  • Rainbow Brite

  • Unicorn

  • Mermaid

  • Kitty Cat

  • Pinup/Diner

  • Fairy

  • Princess

  • Cowgirl

  • Pirate

  • Hawaiian Luau

  • Fiesta Attire

  • Christmas Elf

Cast of Characters 

Face & Body Art

our signature service


  • Miss Frizzle-style themed outfits

    • Space/ Stars​

    • Dinosaurs

    • Rainbows

    • Easter/Bunny

Sweat and Water Resistant

Texas can get HOT and we have water-resistant products that will last through water play and sweaty outdoor events. 

-  Products are a variety of powder, silicone, or alcohol-based paints.

-  They take slightly longer to apply and are removable with water-proof makeup remover.

-  Designs are slightly limited compared to traditional facepaint, but still lots of choices!

-  We are able to paint a max of 10 designs per hour.

-  Never scrub the skin! Use Neutrogena Makeup remover and visit our blog for removal instructions.


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Neon and Black Light Reactive

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This is a fan favorite! You will be IN AWE of our highly pigmented and reactive face paints and glitters. This is a great choice for dance parties, night events, and teen crowds. These are also fun for parties at venues where backlights are present!

- There are no special requirements for application or removal.

- We have a full range of designs!

- We have hand held black lights for the "big reveal" but encourage hosts to set up a room with black lights.

- We are able to paint 10 -15 designs per hour.


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Body Art

Our cosmetic grade paints are safe for your head and we are just as ready to paint your shoulders, knees, and toes! Whether for an art exhibit, to commemorate a pregnancy, or to step up your dance team performance body art will add an original touch.


-  We highly recommend having a photographer handy to capture the outcome.

-  Sessions typically last 1.5-2 hours depending on the complexity of the design.

-  We come to you so you can relax in the comfort of your own home or office.