Glitter & Bling

sparkle -n- SHINE


We DO NOT use craft glitter which is often made of square cut metal! Our cosmetic glitter FDA approved and made of plastic or polyester. It is cut in a circular shape which makes it much safer for the skin and sensitive eye area. We happily embrace glitter and keep our kits filled with the shiniest new products on the market!  Fine glitter can be added to any design at no extra cost! Contact us to help you plan the best service for your event. Our glitter art has individual design prices from $5 - $10 as well as hourly rates.

Glitter Tattoos

Chunky Glitter & Bling

Glitter tattoos are a fun and sparkly addition or alternative to face painting.

-  lasts up to 7 days and are sweat and water-resistant

​-  created using sticker stencils and specially formulated body glue and fine cosmetic glitter 

-  can be made to suit any character, theme, or logo for your event

-  stencils must be special-ordered, so book at least 10 days in advance

- $125 per hour 

- Can be booked alone or in conjunction with face painting or Bling Bar

"Bling" is a cluster of jewels that can be added to any design or stand alone, no painting required. Large and bold glitter can be applied to the face, body, or hair and are often seen at music & art festivals.

- adhered using skin safe adhesive or eyelash glue

- easily removable and re-usable

- we have a full range of chunky glitter, some that is even black light reactive

- can transform a princess, mermaid, or unicorn design in seconds

- can be purchased individually or for all guests

Bling Bar

Our Bling Bar comes with a large array of chunky festival glitter, fine glitter, and bling clusters to add fun and sparkle to your event. Glitter eyes, shoulders, hair roots, beards... the possibilities and fun are endless! Bling service is available both as a group offering or a individual client service. When we set up at the fair our bling bar has been known to include crowns, wings, and headbands!

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