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This palette comprises a 4 color collection designed by the Queen of Unicorns herself, Mrs. Elodie Ternois. This palette features some UV reactive elements and is absolutely perfect for accentuating unicorns, princesses, rainbows, and more! Colors included are: Lodiepop, Starburst, Enchanted Forest, and Winter Magic.


Approx Weight 20 grams

Lodie Pop Palette

  • NON-SMEAR formula, glitter is the 1st ingredient

    Soft paraffin wax with NATURAL beeswax and PURE essential oils. Does not age, expire, lose its shine or dehydrate like gel products

  • Due to the cosmetic nature of this product, we cannot accept returns for hygiene purposes. In the case of products being received damaged, or incorrect; please contact us for more information.

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