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This palette features: Platinum, Pink Parade, Fire Flower, Blood Berry, Inferno, Spider's Web, Golden Copper Rose, Dragon Scales, Viper, Midnight Maybe, Harley Quinn, Gunmetal Black. This 5 1/8"x 2 3/16" palette contains approximately 36 grams of Glitter Balm with 3 grams of each color. Containers are filled by weight for accuracy.


The Heroes and Villains palette contains 12 bold glitter combinations in one convenient palette. This palette can be used for a wide variety of designs but has been specially developed to enhance your favorite web-slinging, alien-slaying heroes and villains. There are some UV reactive shades, and the bold color palette is appealing to boys and girls alike!

Heroes and Villains Palette

  • NON-SMEAR formula, glitter is the 1st ingredient


    Soft paraffin wax with NATURAL beeswax and PURE essential oils. Does not age, expire, lose its shine or dehydrate like gel products

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