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This palette features: Platinum, Pink Parade, Fire Flower, Frozen Orange, Pure Sunshine, Glimmer UV, Purple Petals, Winter Berries, Iced Lavender, Pandora Nights, Amazon Mist, and Icicle.


The contents are approximately 36 grams of Glitter Balm with 3 grams per color. Perfect for keeping as many colors of Glitter Balm as possible in your kit without taking up valuable space!


Palette is 5 1/8" x 2 3/16" and 5/8"

Essential Glitter Balm Unicorn Palette

  • 10 grams. NON-SMEAR formula, glitter is the 1st ingredient

    Soft paraffin wax with NATURAL beeswax and PURE essential oils. Does not age, expire, lose its shine or dehydrate like gel products

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