This palette features: Crystal Prism, Bubblegum, Purple Petals, Enchanted Forest, Viper, Electric Tinkerbell, Lemon Squash, Spot On, Paradise Mango, Glow Lotus, Pink Parade, Ultraviolet.


The contents are approximately 36 grams of Glitter Balm with 3 grams per color. Perfect for keeping as many colors of Glitter Balm as possible in your kit without taking up valuable space!


Palette is 5 1/8" x 2 3/16" and 5/8"

Essential Glitter Balm Ultraviolet Palette

  • The breakthrough formula used for ESSENTIAL GLITTER‘S fabulous COSMETIC GRADE glitter blends allows you to paint with confidence knowing our fantastic NON-SMEAR formula is going to enhance your finished look instead of ruin it. What makes this product SO different from the others?? Look at the ingredients list of the other products (even some long-established professional brands) the first ingredient is NOT glitter. The resulting product is a whole lot more ‘product’ than ‘glitter’, and that's the ESSENTIAL difference, we are proud to say the first ingredient is what it should be…… GLITTER!!!!

    We blend soft paraffin wax with NATURAL beeswax and PURE essential oils to suspend the glitter, and the end result is a highly concentrated, sparkling marvel that is resistant to weather changes, water, and even better….TIME; hang on time? YES time, because this product does not age, expire, lose its shine or dehydrate like gel products do (really who wants to have to ‘REFRESH‘ their glitter?). Your glitter should be great from start to finish, and with Essential Glitter Balm--it will be!

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