Midland, TX didn't grow on Sara...Sara grew in Midland, TX. She was born on the central coast of CA, and then moved all over the Midwest, developing a graceful acceptance of the dirt as a main component to growth and creativity. Amidst the dusty backdrop of West Texas, her husband of 13 years and two children, ages seven and nine, add color to her life, as well as her rich and vibrant faith in Jesus. It is this faith that impassions her to look deeply into herself, her environment, and humanity and cultivate the seeds of artistry. She is known as Miss Sara by the many children she has nurtured in ministry, children's day out, and substitute teaching. 


She and Kelli first met and worked together at the Autism SHARE Walk in 2018 and hit it off. As Painted Pinup expanded, Sara and Kelli began teaming up more and more often, becoming a staple of the team. Her bright smile, sharp wit, and willingness to be silly and dress up in character was exactly the sort of thing needed in a second artist! She truly captured the vision of Painted Pinup! She officially joined the company in June 2019 and we are super excited to be able to offer her as a phenomenal stand-alone face painter, as well as having the ability to offer a team of face painters for your events! She strives to be a ray of sunshine, bringing hope, humor, and encouragement to the world around her.

Owner and original artist behind Painted Pinup. A born and raised Texas girl with a deep love for bygone eras. A married mom of 4, geek (her superpower of choice is the Care Bear Stare), and lover of all things sparkly. She's a firm believer that we need frivolity and love in the world, and that life's too short to have brown hair. She first began face painting in 2011, as a volunteer for her church and local special needs organization called S.H.A.R.E. 


Once she was introduced to the professional side of face and body art in 2016, she jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running; spending hours studying videos of professional artists to learn technique and design before enrolling in the International Face Painting School. She LOVES her career and feels blessed to have found a career that impassions her the way it does.


In addition to face painting, she has the privilege of writing for one of the leading professionals in the industry as the English language blog writer for Olga Murasev’s International Face Painting School at www.facebodyart.com

She is dedicated to learning the latest techniques and ever-improving the skills of her and her team.

Kelli Zermeno


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