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How to Properly Remove Facepaint

As much as we hate to do it sometimes, eventually you've gotta wash your face paint off. I've found the best way is to lather soap in your hands and apply to your dry face. Massage soap into the paint and then remove with water. For stubborn paint, repeat with a washcloth. Here's a fabulous video from professional artist Denise Cold.

**Note: Sweat and water-resistant paints must be removed with waterproof makeup removers such as Neutrogena wipes or miceller water

From Body Color Cosmetics

"Clean up for Skin:

Once you are ready to take the body paint off, you can use Coconut Oil, mineral Oil, Baby oil, Some makeup removers,99% Rubbing Alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) or the mixing liquid. for Coconut oil, mineral oil and baby oil, Rub in Skin until you see paint move placement, If you warm the oils up first, it is a bit easier for the paint to wear away, then allow time for the oils to set on the skin for a few minutes, then with slight abrasion wipe away. For some Makeup Removers and Mixing liquid you can apply directly to the skin to allow instantaneous removal of paint. Once most of the paint is wiped away, you can then add soap on skin and then water and bathe as usual. The longer the paint is worn, the easier it is to come off when you are ready."

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